Malossi FKM Oil-Seal 17 X 28 X 5 for Final Drive Cover

Malossi oil seals are technologically advanced and, despite having been specifically designed for competitions, are also excellent for road use. The oil seal rings, made of the most prestigious of materials used in the area of motor sports that are able to perform even the most severe conditions, are the result of advanced technologies that boast state-of-the-art production standards that are required by Malossi.

The contact area between the sealing lip and the rotating component that passes through the oil seal hole is the most important and therefore the most protected. The contact between the lip edge and the shaft is guaranteed by the spring and the walls (the membrane and the lip), which ensures that there is interference between the two components that is required for the development of the essential radial force to guarantee an optimal seal. After a brief period of use, the edge of the sealing lip is modified and allows a thin film of fluid to be created between the shaft and the lip which, by preventing direct contact between the two components, facilitates lubrication and prevents oil leakage, exponentially increasing the lifetime of the ring.

The following includes the main features of Malossi oil seals:

  1. The main body is made with a special blend of fluorinated elastomer, called FKM, which is one of the most valuable on the market. It has excellent physical properties over a wide range of temperatures (-15°C to +210°C), from a maximum operating speed which can reach 35-40 m/s, and provides infinite immersion resistance in hydrocarbons, a feature that determines the extremely long lifetime of our oil seals
  2. Metallic steel insert (reinforcement), in compliance with regulations, which is able to provide the right degree of mechanical strength
  3. Stainless steel inner spring that is designed to retain its properties over time
  • Model: 100-6617436B