Malossi Exhaust for Honda PCX 125, PCX 150 to 2018

Malossi RX Exhaust System for Honda PCX 125 and PCX 150. Good, solid performance and a pleasant exhaust note.

A genuine concentrate of technology, but a very reduced weight: an RX exhaust weights approximately 7.5 lbs.! 

Internal components and DB killer were completely re-designed in order to achieve the best performance, but keep the noise within law limits; three silent-blocks allow to reduce vibrations, while a shaped plate and three fasteners on the silencer ensure an easy and quick assembly.

A further Malossi masterpiece!!!

Technical details

Silencer, manifold and bracket in stainless steel alloy
Carbon bottom plate
Satin finish
Weight reduction to about 3.5 kg
Laser marked Malossi logo
Easy assembly thanks to a shaped plate and three fasteners on the silencer
Internal parts and DB killer entirely re-designed
Reduced vibrations and shocks from the swing arm thanks to three silent-blocks

Honda PCX125, PCX150 to 2018.

  • Model: 3215554