Malossi Electric Water Pump

320 Gallons Per Hour. 

The Malossi MHR Energy Pump water pump is for high performance liquid cooled engines where you want to get the most performance out of the bike. This can also be used in any scooter where you have converted from an air cooled to a liquid cooled top end. Fits 2 and 4 stroke engines. 

ENERGY PUMP is a water circulation pump for all liquid cooled, two and four stroke scooters and motorcycles equipped with a mechanical pump.

ENERGY PUMP can be installed as a replacement in all vehicles that use an electric pump, improving efficiency.

The new Malossi Energy Pump eliminates fiction loss and mechanical failures, operates silently, is easy to install, and comes complete with fuses and wiring.

This smart pump is equipped with an electronic card, once interfaced with a dedicated electronic control unit, can more precisely control the coolant temperature within the specified values.

These characteristics raise the Energy Pump to a superior level. It's potential and versatility makes this a coolant pump ahead of its time.

In an internal combustion engine, good coolant circulation is a guarantee for improved efficiency, performance and durability.


The pump is enclosed in a rugged PPC, a light and unbreakable polymer, resistant to high temperatures, acids and fuels.

Uses 12V power supplied by the battery, has a robust electric motor connected to an electronic card, which can be connected, if desired, to a dedicated control unit for more precise temperature control of the coolant.

  • Model: 5616363