Malossi C-One Crankcase for Piaggio

Crankcase for all scooters that fit a Piaggio 2T 50cc engine as original equipment MHR C-ONE was conceived and designed to: Fit both drum brake and disc brake. Replace the original engine both with short and long wheelbase. The position of the shock absorber fixing has been designed to satisfy both options. Install both cylinders with stud bolts and cylinders with flange fixing. Use an electric cooling pump to eliminate the power consumption of the traditional mechanical water pump. Eliminate the automatic mixer. Install the vacuum fuel pump. Install the new bigger reed valve, designed using sophisticated programs of 3D fluid-dynamics simulation. Hold all current Malossi products. Malossi is changing the rules of the game and is once again raising the performance level for modern racing scooters. The result of extreme choices, the C-One housing marks a radical departure from the traditional structure of the scooter it is designed for and finally provides a technically advanced structure that is ready for installation of the latest generation of racing components. Until now, racing scooters could be fitted only with the original engine housing, designed to withstand a handful of horsepower and adapted to cope with the stress of competition with 70 cubic centimetre engines and about 26 horsepower. Today, on the other hand, Malossi, the innovation leader, turns the tables, proudly presenting its international public with the C-one motor housing. Designed in the Malossi facility in Calderara di Reno, one of the most advanced centres for the research, development and production of special parts for motors and scooters, Malossi's dream to produce the most innovative racing parts ever for scooters takes shape in the C-one. It started with the elimination of automatic mixers and the traditional mechanical water pump to maximize dispersion reduction. They continued, creating the preparation for installation of a rear disk and drum brake system and adding the possibility of using a vacuum fuel pump. The seat for the reed valve was considerably changed. By taking advantage of all of the possibilities offered by modern3D fluid dynamics simulation software, Malossi technicians were able to identify the ideal size and dimensions. As if it had to draw the ideal engine housing on a blank piece of paper, completely detaching itself from the past, Malossi introduced a hole next to the positions in the original housings for stud bolts that can be used by the new creations in the thermal units in the Team Factory family, with flange and short stud attachment. This solution makes it possible to design totally original cylinders. Build a new engine, customize your racing scooter, choose from the Malossi catalogue the most prestigious parts! We will be ready to provide whatever technical assistance may be needed! Technical features: Crankcase pair, die-cast material in aluminum silicon alloy with high mechanical resistance. Crankcases inclusive of silent block 5,250 Kg. Crankshaft - clutch shaft wheelbase 270 mm. Bolt holes wheelbase 48 x 48. Crankshaft bearings 20 x 47 x 14. Oil seals FKM plus PTFE. Reed valve VL 18. Intake manifold X360 Ø 21 - 28 l. 27. Cylinder stud bolts material: steel 8.8 UNI EN20898/1. Fluid connector. Wheel axle bearing 20 x 47 x 14. Roller gear cover size 16 x 22 x 12.

  • Model: 5715844