Malossi Clutch Disks for Piaggio BV350

Clutch failure on your BV 350? This may be the answer. Malossi knows how to make things that last, and this set of clutch plates are no different. Includes 3 Sets of springs to fine tune for your riding style. 

The new Malossi clutch kit was born from the experience gained in the TMax Trophy. M5215609

In fact this new range of clutch discs has been developed directly on the race track and it is the outcome of a long-standing racing experience. It perfectly suits the features of your scooter, thus providing maximum efficiency and optimized performance!

The kit includes three sets of contrast springs (easily recognizable by their different colors indicating the load capacity of each spring set) which allow to optimally calibrate your vehicle, thus permitting up to a 500 rpm clutch engagement with 150 rpm increments per spring type.

Technical features

Discs finished with materials containing special fibers without asbestos
Developed to work in oil bath
Optimized according to heat resistance and engagement progression
Provided with 3 sets of pre-hardened carbon steel springs with high yield strength, galvanically treated for extended protection.

Piaggio BV350

  • Model: 5215609