Malossi Clutch and Bell for Vespa, Piaggio 3V Scooters

Malossi MHR Maxi Delta Racing Clutch System for Vespa, Piaggio models with LEM 3 Valve Engine and 134mm Clutch.  This is the Clutch and the Clutch Bell. It is excellent for modified engines, and can be fine tuned to perform perfectly in traffic and harsh riding conditions. Does not fit iGet Engines with 125mm Clutch.
Centrifugal clutch system with clutch bell for Automatic Scooters.
System comprises the famous:
Patented adjustable clutch (Delta Clutch).
In addition, the reinforced, anti-failure clutch bell (Wing Clutch Bell) with cooling fins, dynamically balanced, designed for competitive and sport applications.
Delta Clutch
Delta Clutch is a clutch developed within the scooter racing circuits and in a short period has become a benchmark product, key to scooter performance.
The simplicity of the system quickly allows spring adjustment with regards to centrifugal force and the possibility of interchanging a spring with different K values. These values are listed in the Malossi catalogue.
Another option this system allows is position adjustment of the small mass which determines the pressure between friction material and clutch bell. In addition, this small mass is interchangeable with other masses of varying weights.
The complete system is patented to protect against shameless attempts to copy and falsify the product.
Delta has attained the recognition of many qualified tuners and the facts are the proof: used by all the racing teams and a vast amount of sport riders, resulting in a continuous increase in sales.
As always, Malossi constantly analyses its products during their operation and Delta is no exemption. It has been optimized by implementing small but important updates, maintaining Delta as a leading edge product.
We are very proud of the fact that Malossi clutches are asbestos free, however, much investment in research was needed in achieving this present level of quality, reliability, and especially selection of friction materials.
We can now affirm, with great certainty, that we possess an exclusive formula for producing a high temperature resistant material that does not alter its coefficient of friction due to prolonged operational stresses.
Clutch Bell with Reinforced Cooling Ring
The clutch bells with reinforced cooling ring consist of a finned annular reinforcement producing excellent heat dissipation caused primarily from stand still starts and quick accelerations from low speeds.
This technological innovation resulted from extensive testing within the Scooter racing circuit.
The clutch bell design is based on the following principals:
greater heat transfer surface area (finned section) lowers the working temperature of the clutch bell which dramatically increases the systems durability.
The clutch system is enormously stressed in city street riding, starts uphill and tight turn exits with a passenger.
That is why Malossi has fine tuned the Maxi Wing Clutch Bell to protect your clutch.
We must not discard the fact that the finned reinforcement ring is also a safeguard against failure. It has been designed to resist the elevated centrifugal forces due to large rotational speeds generated by high performance engines. Keep in mind that centrifugal force increases by the square of the rotational speed.
Bell housing made of ductile steel and deep drawn;
Spline hub made of special steel, machined, welded and broached;
Frictional working surface machined to tight tolerances;
Dynamically balanced;
Nitride surface hardened
  • Model: 5217667