Malossi Brake Disk for Yamaha T-Max 500 Rear

Malossi WHOOP DISC brake disc 

The "Newest Generation of Disk Brakes". Light, non corrosive, non-warping, antistress. Studied for prolonged use in all weather conditions and types of terrain.
The "WHOOP DISCS" were exposed to numerous tests during competitions, giving Malossi technicians an opportunity to fine-tune the disk brakes for various vehicles.
The "WHOOP DISC" paired with Malossi BRAKE PADS guarantee a progressive and secure braking even under extreme conditions.

Technical features

Stainless steel disk, laser cut, hardened and surface machined.
Profile designed using CAD to insure complete scraping of the brake pad, the elimination of brake dust, and the removal of water and mud during braking.
Surface area doubled to lower the disk s working temperature.


  • Model: 6213319