Malossi Belt and Variator Tuning Kit Vespa LX150, LXV150, S150

Complete Entry Level Tuning kit for your Vespa Belt Service. Tune up your Vespa for a little more zip off the line and across the powerband. his kit includes the following:

Malossi Kevlar Belt. Its combination of Kevlar and Aramid construction reduces power sapping slippage between the clutch and variator and improves acceleration.

Malossi Performance Roller weights with PTFE. These rollers are selected to give your Vespa better acceleration and top speed.

Malossi Torsion Controller, The MALOSSI 'Torsion controller is simply put beneath the existing contra spring. Helps eliminate clutch shudder and helps the clutch engage better under load. Does not include Contra Spring.

Malossi performance air filter. This filter enables a higher flow of clean air than the original, with identical filtration properties. This improves throttle response.

Variator Slides. These should be replaced at every belt service.

Nut for Variator, which Piaggio recommends replacing every time you service these items.

If you are looking for improved durability and performance, this kit is perfect. It provides improved acceleration and is a good way to upgrade during your regularly scheduled service. When installed correctly, Malossi drivetrain components have a reputation in Italy and the rest of Europe for outlasting original equipment.

Fits 2006-2013

Vespa LX 150 

Vespa S 150

Vespa LXV 150

  • Model: MBELT-LX150