Malossi 94cc Cylinder Kit Testa Rossa for DRR DRX

BIG BORE Testa Rossa 94 cc

The new generation BIG BORE engine. Stud bolts, only for liquid-cooled scooters (7 ports and exhaut crossbar - piston with 1 segment - modular head - required boring of original case or C-One Malossi case - engine shaft with connecting rod different from the original).

Deriving directly from seven port technology, which animates the revolutionary Flanged Mount, BIG BORE Testa Rossa cylinders represent the latest success achieved thanks to the efforts and studies that Malossi has continued to devote to engines intended for original Piaggio and Yamaha cases and, with their unprecedented capacity of 94 cc, they allow the BIG BORE family to make a significant leap forward.

Externally almost indistinguishable from their flanged counterparts, BIG BORE Testa Rossa cylinders feature a stud bolt framework compatible both with original engines and with the C-One Malossi case. Even inside they are totally similar to Flanged Mounts, thanks to the renowned configuration with seven ports and dual exhaust port, with the only difference given by the limits set by the inner passage of the bolts that affects the size and development of the exhaust.

The head is once again modular, with new internal profiles specifically designed to increase the torque and feeling of the engine, now much brighter and even more progressive. The head cover is made of forged aluminium, red anodized and lathed in high precision CNC machines.


  • Model: 100-3115374