Malossi 70cc Cylinder for Italjet, TGB , Morini

Replacement Cylinder and Piston for Malossi Big Bore Kit M318723. Very Reliable 70cc Malossi Big Bore Cylinder for every day use. Use the stock head or an aftermarket one. Port timing is geared towards performance, so the bike will perform better in traffic. Economical way to keep your 50cc Scooter on the road. DOES NOT INCLUDE HEAD. M317137


Malossi cast-iron cylinder kits: the best balance between component performanceand life of the component.
The cast-iron cylinder kits produced by Malossi s.p.A. are designed and manufactured with the specific abjective of obtaining high combustion efficiency, long life, and a reliability that suits the Malossi name. Owing to the experience gained in the preparation of cylinder kits for race, Malossi engineers have developed the thermodynamics of cast-iron cylinder kits to the fullest and designed the inner fuid mechanics of the cylinder kit with fanatical precision (see the tranfer pipes, exhaust and combustion chamber), thereby obtaining a high level of turbolence in the combustion chamber. The latter has permitted a substantial reduction in specific consumption and a drastic reduction in the exhaust emission of pollutants.

Technical features

- Material: wearproof, laminate special cast iron
- Recalculated heat exchange surfaces
- NC machine-tool machining
- Transfer and exhaust disigned for maximum efficiency
- Lightened and reinforced, special aluminium alloy pistons with a high silicon content
- Optimized compression ratio
- Very high turbolence combustion chamber




  • Model: 100-317137