Malossi 57.5mm Cylinder Kit for Yamaha BWS 100

Malossi Big Bore Cylinder for Yamaha BWS 100,. Scarabeo 100 2 Stroke. Use original head. Complete as pictured. 

CAST-IRON CYLINDER KITS Malossi is glad to present the new line of cylinder kits which have been designed for the latest generation scooters. They are unique tools able to defeat the traffic black-out of our cities. They are highly reliable and they have an exceptional torque. They have been studied to support a prolonged stress and can offer high accelerations even on highly pendent roads. They do not know neither fatigue nor wear. Cylinders made of selected lamellar cast iron alloys with recalculated cooling surface. Strengthened pistons made of aluminium alloys with high silicon content, with noiseless profile with two self-lubricating lamellar cast iron piston rings at rectangular section.

This product is intended solely for competition-sports usage. No warranty, express or implied, is offered.
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  • Model: 100-3111374