Malossi 47.6 Cylinder Kit H2O 7T MHR Team II modul-head

Malossi is proud to present its new Cylinder and Head Kit MHR TEAM II: further perfected with its innovative design and material selection! M3115142

47.6mm, aluminium H2O, 7 transfer ports MHR TEAM II, modular-head

This kit has two significant innovations:

Exhaust manifold machined from a solid, finished with a dark anti-corrosion surface treatment and supplied with both cylinder and exhaust O-Ring seals.

Completely redesigned exhaust geometry. A perfect match is created between the cylinder exhaust port and manifold due to the elliptical machining of the manifold from a solid. Finer sand moulds result in more consistent and smoother transfer and exhaust ports.

Cylinder Kit

Team Factory for Scooter

The Best of Malossi's Cylinder Kits.

Team Factory, the synthesis of many years of racing research and development, is a special product line of cylinder kits from Malossi, handmade in limited quantities, and intended solely for scooter racing. The new cylinder kits Team Factory are the result of further development and refinement of Malossi products specifically selected and developed for the Malossi Trophy. Extreme attention is paid to the machining of these products, so much so that they show the full potential of Malossi's research and experience, from material selection to production processes, the level of precision to the rigorous final quality testing.

The cylinder is one of the most important and most complex parts that make up the kit Trophy.

The port and exhaust diagram values must be within tolerances of 5 hundredths of a millimetre. To obtain these infinitesimal values it is essential to tweak both exhaust and transfer ports one by one, with dental tools, which only expert technicians can perform.

Only perfect cylinders, subjected to the most sophisticated and rigorous controls, become Malossi Team Factory. The cylinder and piston coupling is strictly maintained within a tolerance of 5 microns, the roundness of the cylinder within 5 microns and the cylinder bore may not exceed the second-class selection.

Even the compound head is machined and subjected to very stringent quality tests, intended to check mainly the squish and compression.


Art. 3115142

ALUM-CYL. KIT Ø 47,6 H2O 7T MHR TEAM II modul-head

Technical Features

Cylinder: aluminium, alloy of silicon and copper, gravity cast, hardened and tempered with a hardness of 100-110 Brinell. Machined in-house at Malossi with high-precision machining centres.Cylinder with Cermetal protective coating, Vickers hardness 600/630, 30 degree criss-cross honing and roundness within 5 microns.
Piston: aluminium alloy with 18% of silicon, racing version, reinforced, hardened and stress relieved, special profile and single ring.
Piston Ring: high strength stainless steel alloy 0.8 mm (ref. 3115142.T0) / 1 mm (ref. 3115142) with chromed and lapped sliding surface.
Piston Pin: Aerospace quality FADH hardened steel, ground and polished.
Head: aluminium alloy with 9% silicon, gravity cast, annealed and aged, manufactured on machining centres with a tolerance of one hundredth of a millimetre.
Head Cover: Cast aluminium alloy with 12% silicon with Viton O-ring seal.

This product is intended solely for competition-sports usage. No warranty, express or implied, is offered.
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  • Model: 3115142