Malossi 26/40 Racing Transmission for Yamaha T-Max 500

Malossi Super T Max quickens its steps.
Mhr Power Transmission, art. 6714757, is a Malossi project:
HTQ Z 26/40 pinion and ring gear pair with lengthened gear ratio,
Malossi Morse lightened, narrower, frictionless racing chain.
This system completely replaces the original primary gears (25-tooth pinion and 41-tooth ring gear) with a 26-tooth drive pinion and a 40-tooth driven ring gear, thus providing a 7% longer ratio.
Besides providing this longer ratio, these gears are narrower, as to fit the new Malossi Morse racing chain, which is frictionless and without friction springs, thus lighter, more sliding and with higher resistance and long life compared to the original one, since "you can't break what is missing".
Malossi is glad and proud to offer its customers a further masterpiece of modern technology.
Technical details
HTQ Z 26/40 pinion and ring gear pair
Toothed ring gear pair with narrower walls, consisting of one 26-tooth drive pinion and one 40-tooth driven ring gear, made in Cr Ni Mo 5 alloy steel, tempered and case-hardened, manufactured basing on Malossi design with high precision machine tools.
Tooth profile designed for maximum resistance and minimum noise.
Tooth contact surfaces provided with maximum finish to ensure very long life and operating reliability.
High-standard inspections on each component, from raw materials to the finished product, ready for sale.
Malossi Morse Racing chain
Narrower chain, designed to eliminate the lateral friction of the original chain.
  • Model: 6714757