Malossi 23x18 Roller Weights

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Malossi HTRoll Variator Roller Weights 23x18, set of 6  For Honda, Kymco stock and Malossi Variator. If your Kymco has 8 Rollers, this is not the right set of rollers for the stock Variator, but may be for the Malossi Variator for your bike. Also for Suzuki Burgman 200 with Malossi Variator. 
for original speed variators and Multivar.

HTRolls are made with CPT with a specific formula and their weight is marked on one side.
HTRolls represent a technical spare part for the original one, in a complete series of calibrated elements capable of varying your scooter's transmission ratio and perfectly regulating its speed and acceleration.

Due to the rotation, the weight of the rollers becomes a centrifugal force; the higher the rollers weight, the lower the gear change time, and vice-versa.

Variator calibration
To optimize engine's performance, select rollers that in operation, maintain the engine at the highest power regime. By diminishing the rollers weight the engine s RPM increases; on the contrary, by increasing the rollers weight the RPM decreases.

  • Model: 100-669917


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