Malossi 155cc Cylinder Kit for Yamaha Zuma 125

Malossi 155cc Big Bore Cylinder kit for Yamaha Zuma 125. Make your Zuma Freeway Legal! This kit is tough, durable, and well made, by Malossi of Italy. This is the highest quality aftermarket cylinder kit you can buy for your Zuma. M3113025




Material: primary aluminium alloy with a high content of hardened and tempered silicon, cylinder liner with silicon carbide coating in a galvanic nickel die and crossed smoothing with two diamond passages with very limited tolerances.
Machining: on machine tools with high precision numerical control.
Cylinder-piston connection with an allowance of 0.05 mm.
Recalculated and upgraded heat exchange surfaces.


Ultra compact with 3 rings.
Material: special aluminium alloy with high silicon content, low thermal expansion and a tin facing on the sliding surfaces.
Machining on machine tools with numerical control.
Lightened and reinforced.
Upgraded heat exchange surfaces.

Piston rings

Compression - special rings with high sliding ease and very high mechanical resistance, in chromium-plated S10 spheroidal cast-iron.
1st scraper - ring in chromium-plated S10 spheroidal cast iron.
2nd three - piece scraper ring made of chromium-plated steel alloy.

This product is intended solely for competition-sports usage. No warranty, express or implied, is offered.

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  • Model: 3113025