Inner Rotor Ignition Moto 50

The inner rotor ignition systems designed by Malossi are based on the state-of-the-art technology applied to racing. Such a new system resulted from the need to overcome the technical limitations imposed by conventional flywheel ignition, which cannot ensure consistent performance over 10,000 rpm and causes severe setting-up problems for racing vehicles. We made the control unit even more immune to interferences developing an uP STM8 - 8 bit microprocessor with processing speed of 20MIPS, guaranteeing spark timing with greater accuracy than prior versions! The MHR version includes a control unit with variable spark advance timing, not adjustable. Technical features CDI Variable spark advance. System based on an uP STM8 - 8 bit microprocessor with a processing speed of 20MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second). Reduced processing time, improved spark advance precision and stability. Hardware architecture with improved immunity to interferences. Temperature class 105°C cable. Vector spark advance tables comprised of 24 breakpoints with linear interpolation. High voltage coil Capacitive discharge. Ultra high efficiency. Constant 30,000 V discharge voltage up to 20,000 rpm. Rotor-stator unit Small (Ø 58 mm) and light inner rotor. Permanent magnet rotor ensuring excellent performance. Unprecedented efficiency with minimum weight. WARNING : with this kind of ignition the lighting set is disconnected.

  • Model: M5514688