Exhaust System GP MHR Replica 4-Stroke Homologated

Beautiful! Technologically perfect: with their strong character and such an aggressive shape, they give a touch of "High-Class" to the maxi scooter enhancing it in a superlative way. Thanks to the great development of Malossi technical staff (utilizing the most up-to-dated labs) and to the extensive racing experience, Malossi wanted to make a significant difference by incorporating the following design requirements to the new GP MHR REPLICA 4-Stroke exhaust system: innovative look, performance, lightness, reliability and QUALITY. Technical features European homologation Elliptical cross-section casing made of stainless steel with laser marked logo Carbon end caps Silencer system with the addition of sound absorbing minera lfibers, possessing high noise damping and nondegrading qualities. Equipped with DB killer Stainless steel exhaust tubes from the cylinder or to the silencer. The final assembly utilizes stainless steel riveted clamps producing a sealing area of exceptional mechanical strength in turn eliminating any exhaust gas leakage. The GP MHR REPLICA 4-Stroke Exhaust Systems come complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and gaskets.

  • Model: M3216646