Crankshaft HCP Pin 10 (Stroke 43 MM) Piag. Motorcy.

R.H.Q. CRANKSHAFTS - The crankshaft is the heart of the endothermic engine. - All aspects of engine performances start from the crankshaft. - It is not possible to obtain good engine performance and reliability unless a top-quality crankshaft is fitted. - This is why Malossi produces only the very best in crankshafts. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - Half-shafts material: 18 Ni Cr Mo5. - Half-shafts with forged monolithic rotating masse. - Manufactured using high-precision machine tools. - All components are subjected to 5 heating treatment operations. - Excellent surface finish for improved reliability. - Dynamic balancing for speeds of up to 16,000 rpm. - Coppered connecting rod in forged 18 Ni Cr Mo5, connected to the engine with precision roller bearing for high speeds.

  • Model: M537313