Crankcase for Vespa P200

A treat for the expert enthusiast of the world's most famous scooter.

Piaggio, by special request from Malossi S.p.A., restarted a limited series production of an engine crankcase, which, for some time, was unavailable.

Electric Start, Oil-Injected Engine Cases for PX200. These are Bonafide Brand New Cases From Piaggio. These will work for older P models so long as you accompany these with some additional parts (please read entire description).
There is no telling how long these will be available. We went a really long time without any such spare part. Thankfully, the restoration craze that has been sweeping through across Europe and Asia has fueled someone to convince Piaggio and Malossi to manufacturer a limited run of these engine cases. We are lucky to have them available to offer you.
What you see is what you get:
-Matching pair of finely machined case halves complete with Piaggio logo and matching numbers.
-All studs are threaded into cases.
-Front swing arm and rear shock mounts are pressed into place.
-There are no serial numbers of any kind stamped onto these cases. There is the flat machined surface where numbers would be stamped.
If you plan on swapping the parts from your non-electric start engine to these cases, this is what you'll need: an electric start fan shroud. All other components will swap directly over.
  • Model: 100-5714493