Alumin-Cyl. Kit 50 CC Pin 12 H2O MHR Rep.

DIAM. 40 CYLINDER KIT of aluminium Malossi has created a new line of MHR cylinder units of aluminumalloy, for use in top-level 50-cc scooter competitions. Features The special aluminum alloy of which they are made and the internal geometricdistribution, exhaust and combustion chamber system, the engineers in ourexperimental department have succeeded in achieving extremely high powerand torque with the MHR 50cc cylinder units. CYLINDER Material: special aluminum alloy with a high stabilized silicon content Recalculated, enlarged heat exchange surfaces Tooled with NC machines Distribution and exhaust developed for maximum performance Cermetal wear-proof internal cylinder coating PISTON Material: special extra-light aluminum alloy, reinforced with a molybdenum sulfur coating Single rectangular segment of S10 chrome-plated cast iron HEAD Extremely high-turbulence combustion chamber, achieved by means of the recalculated and NC-tooled cooling surface Squish clearance specifically developed for high turbulence The high technological and performance levels offered by the new MHR50cc cylinder units will allow young drivers to express their full potentialin all competitions for this category of scooters.

  • Model: 010319847