Malossi Synthetic Racing Two Stroke Oil 20W-30

Malossi 7.1  Racing Full Synthetic  2T
The Malossi experience in competition arises an innovative product for high performance 2 stroke engines. Malossi 7.1 is a 100% synthetic lubricant formulated with high quality synthetic base and carefully selected additives to provide high performance without neglecting environmental protection. 
It is specifically formulated for Motorcycles and Scooters with oil injector pump, and also for pre-mixing with fuel. 
7.1 provides: 
- High performance engine 
- Reduced wear of interested parts and therefore a longer duration of the vehicle. 
- Minimal overlay formation and deposition in the room explosion and exhaust. 
- Prevents ring sticking ensuring perfect holding of the time compression. 
- Great reduction of exhaust fumes. 
- Maximum protection even with unleaded gasoline use.
  • Model: M768228B