Malossi Synthetic Air Filter Oil

.25 Liter Bottle. This is the best air filter oil on the market. It will trap more, and give your engine cleaner air.


Surface treatment of high technology, developed to increase the efficiency of the air filters. Biodegradable over 90%.
It contains additives with high polarity that confer superior adhesiveness, preventing the passage of sand, dust and water without altering the air passage.
Developed to provide protection to the engine even under the most severe operating conditions. It reduces the risk of breakage and contributes to longer engine life.
Free of chlorinated solvents, does not damage the material from which the filter.


Use a regular degreaser / cleaner removable with water, for normal cleaning of the filter. Rinse with water and dry.
Soak in the synthetic lubricant for air filters treatment, remove any excess and let dry, allowing the formation of a lubricating film before reinstalling the filter and start the engine.

  • Model: 100-7617079B