Polini Big Bore Kit for Yamaha Zuma and C3 4 Stroke


  • Model: 166.0109

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Polini Big Bore Kit for Yamaha Zuma and C3 Four Stroke. Unlike all the rest, you do not have to change the electronics, but this kit still adjusts the air/fuel ratio for the bigger displacement.

Polini already made it's first installment of parts for the models mentioned improving transmission response and take off speed with an up rated variator and the use of an assortment of clutches. The 70cc cylinder kit can finally allow you to make a quirky scooter even more fun. A 44mm light alloy bore with great wear resistance due to the Nikasil coating is the starting block. Stroke matching and thermic expansion is reduced with the die cast piston using the new Omega design. Compression is then increased with a Polinified piston dome and fine chrome faced piston rings. This Big Bore Kit includes a pressure regulator  which allows for a generous fuel delivery without the need for additional electronics. Nearly forgot the intake manifold, Polini also include a new intake tract which creates more complete turbulence in the incoming fuel mixture, meaning more power.

Polini 70cc Big Bore Kit for the 4 Stroke Yamaha
Aluminum Cylinder with Nikasil Plated
Includes Air Box Tube
Direct Bolt on uses the stock head
Manufactured in Italy