Shorty Mirrors for LX, GT, GTS Chrome


  • Part number : 656215

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Lane Splitting Just Got a Whole Lot EASIER!!!

Shorty Mirrors for Vespa Models. The stem on these mirrors is about three inches shorter than the stem on standard Mirror. They are chrome, and maintain the famous lines of your Vespa. If you are tired of your mirrors sticking WAAAAY out and hitting things, order these and be done with it. Both Mirrors are M8 with a right thread. Use your existing rubbers weather guards for an exact fit. 

VESPA GT 200 VESPA GT L 200 VESPA GTS i.e. 250 VESPA GTS i.e. 300 VESPA GTS Super i.e. 300  VESPA GTV i.e. 250 VESPA GTV i.e. 300 VESPA LX 50 VESPA LX 150 VESPA LXV 150 VESPA S 50 VESPA S 150..

These mirrors do not fit the new Vespa models with a reverse thread left mirror. If you turn the left mirror clockwise to tighten it, these will work. If you turn it counterclockwise to tighten it, they will not. You need the shorty mirrors for the Vespa Primavera instead.